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5 Reasons to buy an Electric Vehicle today

Here are our top 5 reasons to switch to an Electric Vehicle from a petrol/diesel vehicle

5 Reasons to buy an Electric Vehicle Today

Electric Vehicles offer various benefits to individuals and businesses and are now a feasible, and an everyday mode of transport for millions of people. According to a report by Market Research Future, the electric car market was worth $208.95 billion in 2021. It could quadruple to $957.42 billion in just eight years. This process will be accelerated by the rising fuel prices and various government initiatives.


It’s even said that a future with electric vehicles can save up to 110,000 Lives And $1.2 Trillion By 2050.



Top 5 reasons to buy an Electriv Vehicle today to reduce cost, save money and a cleaner future

Why should you use EV?


●  Lower running costs:

 The cost of sustenance of an EV is much lesser than a petrol/diesel-driven vehicle. An electric car is very efficient and has fewer moving parts than a petrol vehicle equipped with complex components such as an engine and gearbox. Hence, the yearly cost of running an electric vehicle is low.


●  EV grants:

 Electric Vehicles are charged lesser registration fees during the time of purchase as well as a lower road tax as compared to petrol or diesel vehicles. There are multiple policies and incentives issued by the government to promote the use of EVs across the nation  


Better driving experience:

EVs generally have a lower center of gravity, providing better handling, comfort, and responsiveness. The electric engine provides smooth acceleration and deceleration and a quiet ride. All these components make electric vehicles pleasant to drive. 


Low carbon footprint:

It is observed that the emissions released from EVs are up to 43% lower than diesel vehicles. EVs produce zero tailpipe emissions. They emit fewer greenhouse gases and air pollutants when compared to petrol or diesel cars.


● No noise pollution:

Electric Vehicles produce less or no noise as there is no engine to make the sound. The only sound they tend to produce is due to the wind resistance or tire noise. False sounds are added to electric vehicles to make pedestrians aware.

Though the industry is in its initial stages, EVs will only continue to grow more advanced and sustainable. Air pollution caused by driving internal combustion engine vehicles has become a more pressing concern; EVs offer consumers and businesses an intelligent alternative for a cleaner future.


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